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At Coast 2 Coast Cleaners, we aim to be recognized as the leading provider of cleaning services through working together with our clients as a team and building lasting relationships, while never compromising the health and cleanliness of their home or office.

We have committed to conducting ourselves with integrity and professionalism, which enables us to provide our clients with a relaxing and hassle-free experience.


... to work with our clients — together as a team — in order to achieve their household goals with outstanding results.

... that every unique client relationship will be infused with the same underlying values — integrity, accountability, and collaboration. We recognize that we are better when we work as a team, enjoy our time together, and continually strive to exceed your expectations.

... to challenge our peers in the cleaning industry by providing our clients with a "people first" approach, which is the driving force behind everything we do at Coast 2 Coast Cleaners.

We invite you to experience the People First approach at Coast 2 Coast Cleaners by requesting your quote today!



When you find something you're good at, and you enjoy doing it - wouldn't you want to do it everyday? That's exactly why Tasha Hedderson, the Founder of Coast 2 Coast Cleaning, decided to start offering cleaning services professionally!


When Tasha doesn't have a spray bottle and rag in her hand, you can find her camping with her two pups, Dexi and Baby Bear, or in the kitchen making something delicious to share with friends and family.  


We love pitching in and doing our part to help our community. Sports give children the opportunity to work together as a team to reach a common goal. They help children develop both, communication and problem solving skills that will benefit them on and off "the field" so to speak.


Exercise allows kids to let loose and build lifelong active and healthy habits. They develop tight bonds and friendships with their teammates, which become a secondary support system and community for them to feel safe and accepted.


When we found out that there were some young hockey players that needed jerseys, we reached out to offer our support.



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