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Do I Have To Be Home When Coast2Coast Maids Clean?

This is your option. You may give us a key to be safely stored – always with security. Only the local owner and/or office manager can access the client key safe. Cleaners are given the keys for each house cleaning appointment before they leave the office each day, and must turn these back in to management before they are allowed to leave the office each evening. These keys are returned to the key safe until your next house cleaning service visit.

As for lockboxes and codes they are given prior to the job. Not before and not after. If you are not comfortable giving your code or key we are more than happy to leave a key behind after our stay, wait for you to pop in afterwards to lock up (providing it works for both parties in terms of time), or if you feel like you'd rather stay home while we clean- that's fine with us as well.

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