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Here is a complete list of items that need to be cleaned for the ambitious home renter/buyer/seller.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

Let’s start with the kitchen:

-Insides, tops and outside of all cupboards

-Insides, tops and outsides of all appliances ( be sure to remove knobs on stove)

-Under all appliances ( usually excluding the dishwasher, washer, dryer due to weight )

-Run and clean inside of dishwasher

-Windows and window tracks ( Remove any windows that can be removed to clean both sides)

Next up is the bathroom:

-Clean all mirrors

-Thorough cleaning and sanitization of bathtub, sink and toilet removing all stains (if possible) Note: be sure to let the disinfectant sit on effected area for at least 30 seconds to ensure germs are being eliminated.

-Bask splash ( if applicable )

-Shine all chrome

-Clean insides and outsides of all shelving

-Insides and outsides of cabinets

-Bathroom fan removed and cleaned

-Water marks removed from shower doors if applicable

-Be sure to clean the plumbing behind the toilet

-Toilet and sides of toilet as they can become quite dirty ( make sure you check behind the toilet for watermarks on the walls )

Onto the bedrooms:

-Vacuum carpets / sweep/mop floors

-Shelving in closets

-Wipe closet doors / bedroom door

Laundry room

-Clean inside of the lid of washer and soap dispenser ( for front load be sure to check inside the rubber seal for items left in pockets) If you’re experiencing a mouldy smell inside the washer ask us how to avoid that!

-Wipe outside of both washer and dryer and tops

Now for the tasks that ALL rooms need:

-Light fixtures taken off and cleaned

-Walls washed with Javex or any other suitable cleaning product ( to ensure proper sanitation)

-Removal of cobwebs in rooms

-Baseboards throughout

-Floors vacuumed and washed/mopped

-Blinds ( if applicable)

-Light switched sanitized

-Curtain rails dusted

-Windows and window tracks ( Remove any windows that can be removed to clean both sides)

-All door casings and knobs

-Inside all closets and shelving

-Garbage removal

-Wipe down doors and remove any fingerprints that may be left behind

-Air vents should be cleaned if possible

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